Blinding Blues

Fatema Zohra Haque
Blinding Blues

Two Strangers

We were two strangers
On an official phone call When our angels locked eyes And nobody could see
Their sudden look of surprise.
Reunited with a word of love after decades They open their arms, ready to run
But that two strangers keep talking
And there’s nothing that can be done.
They send millions of signs They scream and they cry And I start to feel sadness Without knowing why.
You feel it too
Like something gone wrong, Always misunderstood
Like you’re not where you belong.
Our angels get desperate They miss each other too

And they start planning out
How I can finally find you
But they keep disagreeing, denying, detaching
We keep switching sides One of us is heartbroken And the other needs time. The angels increase space
But they finally set the time and the place. They count down the days
They wait by the door
And they get ready to see us
Fall in love once more.
But they don’t make it easy
So you lose hope
And I find mine through poems We talk to each other
That’s a good thing, I hope Our angels get restless They slam on the brakes And we learnt that love Gives more than it takes.


My Newly Found Love

My newfound love beckons me
And whispers
My name so enchantingly
I am beguiled by his eyes that stare at me
I am sometimes lost
I am with melancholy much too long
I will say no to melancholic withdrawal This is my life and you are the reason
That I will break free of this depression… This barren black and abyss of annihilation For I see light because of your presence
A light so bright and blazing
I am bewildered by the blur
But it blows and it beckons

Whilst I stay here, I hear my future whooping And humbly whispering…
I no longer wish to be lost
I wish for inspiration to create more
And to thirst for passion in your heart
I wish my words to be potent and powerful
I wish to be an enigma for you to explore
I no longer want to suffer from melancholia
I will stand before a sea of green with you As starry vistas lie before my eyes…
I would gently tread upon thy garden of love!


Blinding Blues

We met at a social gathering
In the sweet November evening
And the day was brighter than usual
Your eyes on me were as eyes that rove
My soul was seemingly numb
Though felt to treat you
To a coy smile of invitation
My eyes were searching you
The heartthrob of many
A workaholic, weirdo and dangerous to know Despite that terrible but romantic reputation and so

I couldn‟t resist the lyrical, romantic overtures And this tender verse gives me a hint as to why
 And some words played between us to and fro
 On which we might have built up an airy affairs The smile on your mouth
Was the most magnetic one 
 Alive enough for me to die;
And a soft look swept away thereby
Like an ominous call from heaven came by
Since then, I found a companion in my melancholy Your presence shaped me as of blinding blues Memories of what once was
Become grayed and gone
I can never get my mind off you
I wonder if you mind
If I would make you my own,
And never let you go,
And hug you tight, treat you right
Oh, western wind, when will you blow
If my love were in my arms
And I in my bed again!

Fatema Zohra Haque is an educator, a Fulbright Scholar and a author of over 26 books. Her columns, poems and translations appeared in several national Bangla and English newspapers at home and abroad. Her writings and poetry was also published...

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