We live even after death

এইচ বি রিতা
We live even after death

We live even after death


Although death is eternally true,

The efforts to gain immortality have been going on for ages.

Scientists are also trying relentlessly to make people immortal

But what will happen to the immortality of man?

If we gain immortality,

Maybe we will get a chance to see a tidy world

Maybe we will get a chance to correct our mistakes,

And, We might start a healthy and beautiful life again.

What am I thinking is that,

Will immortality not start chaos in our life?

For example,

A long-term relationship with the same person,

Lying down for two hundred or a thousand years with the same one,

Isn’t it annoying?

If we want to be live in immortality,

We will face centuries of conflict with people;

Who believe in different doctrines.

Even though we might change our mirror,

We will still see the same face every day.

How pleasant should it be?

Nature will become extinct as the population grows

People will build architects in trees and forests

An unbalanced world will be in a crisis of food, shelter, location

People will suffer from environmental pollution

It is not reasonable to increase the density;

By keeping the size of the earth.

Instead, we can think about how we can gain Immortality even after eternal death!

Religion, however, clearly states that man is not immortal

But I believe that man is immortal!

Year after year, in humanitarian and creative work,

The symbol of humanity, Mother Teresa, is occupying a place in people’s memory.

We remember her with reverence.

Many legend and famous People draw a permanent line in others minds;

With their creative work and contribution.

Even after death, they live in our memory.

All these images show us the scene of immortality.

Our body will rot, action will remain

Not the body,

We need to keep ourselves alive through our creative work.


One Day I will be Human


One day I will be human

I will leave lies and hypocrisy and speak the truth

I will sit next to the homeless people on the street

And talk about how the sun rises in the Illuminated morning

One day I will be a poet

Dictatorship, against injustice,

I will declare rebellion with the stroke of a pen.

One day I will wake the city up of mourning,

and the dead people will see the sunlight

One day I will be an ant

I will walk in your heart to see the depth of love

I will fall in love with you and will love you

One day I will be a human and forget racism, segregation

One day,

I will keep the white-black-brown colors

all in one pot.


I hope for the future


In the future,

I am hopeful to see a beautiful and healthier world,

Where there will be no epidemic

There will be no pile of corpses

No one will cry

No parent will lose their child unexpectedly

No wife would vomit the smell of her husband’s corpse in the room next to hers

People will not lose sleep in panic at the sound of the ambulance

The dead people will not be left in the garbage truck for months due to lack of space!

I hope for a future where,

No one will lose their job

Food will not be in crisis.

I look forward to a future where,

There will be no Syria-Israel war

People will not be killed

There will be no class discrimination in the future

People will not be tied to people!

I look forward to a future where,

Nature will be calm in its way

People will exchange friendships with people

They will exchange love

And will feel the pain of others with equality

The earth will embrace the species at its speed!

Yes. I hope for such a future!


This is a circle of life


Continuity will change a generation

There will be lively outbreaks

Everything will come back to the beginning again.

This is a circle of life.

Today’s skin and beauty with age,

One day will be dusty; the stains will be cut

The skin will wrinkle and,

Black hair will be white

Strong bones, the flesh will one day be weak;

Will hang

One day to give up sexuality

The only touch of one’s hand will feel be proper and safe.

This is a circle of life.

Today’s thoughts will one day seem irrational

One day,

Leaving Success and failure,

Life will be stable

Not to run or jump,

But to stand will be our goal

One day,

leaving shiny teeth will make the gums feel right.

This is a circle of life.

An active finger will leave the gold ring

And we will look for supportive five fingers

When cataracts fall in the eyes,

We will be driven by empathy to see the blurred world;

And find someone else’s hand.

This is a circle of life.

We will be born again,

We will be taken care of

We will enjoy adulthood

And take care of others

Then, we will rest in old age

Eventually, we all will die

This is the life circle.


Words can change our thought


Words consist of vibration and sound,

That creates the reality that surrounds us.

Words express our thoughts.

Without words, we can’t talk,

Neither thought can become a reality.

Word is a force that can break someone,

Could build again.

All we need is the correct use of words

At the right time.

When I work with special needs kids in my class,

I notice how much a positive word can

changes their behavior.

Even in the most challenging moments

When I say, ‘Do you need time,’

I notice how quickly they get calm

When they fail at something,

Instead of deprived them of what they deserve,

I tell them, Let’s try again,

Then, I see how cheerful they woke up.

Strong words become a protestant

And words change our society.

Strong words led to a state revolution against injustice.

Giving thanks to others, using the word sorry,

We can change our attitude

When we use positive comments in every moment

in our lives,

It increases the healthy relationship, increases the love.


All Mother Needs Love


They are someone’s mother

Like our mothers, they also gave birth to a child

Maybe they dreamed that

Their child will take care of them in old age

Maybe the child will wake up on a bright morning

And speaks with love,

Hey Mom! how are you?

Do you need anything?

Or maybe a little love could spread to them!

They are also a mother of a child

They sit on the road and pick up bread to eat

Trembling in the bitter cold

There is nothing to warm them

The helpless eyes are looking for something

Looking for someone

What kind of life is this?

One day,

They hugged their child and put them to sleep,

But today, they are empty

When they see the world, they cry out with hunger

Why do we forget,

Is Mother just a mother?

Why do we leave our mother on the unsafe road?

Why do we forget,

One day after nine months in the womb,

Our mother showed us the light of the world’s

Why do we forget,

Our mother taught us to walk, to talk?

Why do we forget, the mother needs


Crime in my innocent age


Playful naughty girl I was an innocent age,

I committed many crimes in my life

But I could only get through

Because of my innocent age.

One day I jumped on the bed and fell on my father’s face

His glasses were broken

A piece of glass fell into my father’s eyes

Dad hasn’t had a vision since that time!

But I got through that day, only

Because of my innocent age.

I was four years old then.

Once I stole my mother’s expensive clothes

and gave them to the helpless woman next door

My mother said nothing

Because of my innocent age!

I was seven years old then.

Another time, I was angry with my mother and closed the door for two days.

I didn’t eat anything

Mother cried a lot, but I did not open the door

There was a reason to be angry

She was late giving me food after returning from school

What a terrible thing I did that day

But I got over it too,

Because of my innocent age

I was eight years old then.

Today, none of them are surviving

I remember my parents badly

All the injustices of the innocent age I did;

They hid with care.

I was not innocent that day, and I was a criminal

Forgive me, Mom and Dad!


Ann Ngyuen is no more


She is gone

Yes! My Ann Ngyuen is gone

She has moved away from this barbarism

Where there is no air pollution,

And no oxygen in need to breath

She wanted to stay out of the cage

She tried to breathe only in fresh air

Said, I need fresh air to live today.

But, she could not

Ann Ngyuen, my soul, my heart

She could not breathe even after fighting

Covid-19 suffocated her.

I wonder if she was looking for another life

Or wanted to stay a few more days?

She must have cried on the way;

for her lovely child, family

Called for the man who loved!

I imagine how she was on her way to end up her life.

I know she’s gone!

Without her,

I would never see another bright afternoon;

Life will no longer be the fragrance of flowers

And I would not be picking up leaves

On the street of Seneca.

Covid-19 took my Ann Ngyuen without permission

Was that right? No! Not at all

Her departure is making my life miserable today

I can’t sleep

I am no longer interested in morning glory.

Covid-19 is making the city cry today

This city is a city of mourning today

This city can’t sleep today

Thousands of people die here every day

Empty plastic bags filled up with dead bodies

People are leaving alone

Can’t tell mom on the go,

‘Hey, mom! take medicine on time

They can’t tell dad,

‘You have diabetes pills to take.’

They can’t tell loved ones to go to the office carefully!

The child is not told what to do or what to eat today

Pasta or pizza?

The girl is not told,

Mom! Stomach pain? Need medicine?

How cruel!

What a cruel world we see today.

This city no longer has green deserts

The sky is crying with grief

And humanity is being robbed.

The sound of the ambulance

Sends a message to the people who are awake in the city,

“Be prepared; you can be next.”



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