A Vote, No More

Maskwaith Ahsan
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A Vote, No More


They are scared of the word “vote” as that involves people, people whom they treat as mere subjects of their self-proclaimed colony. They came to power promising justice, rule of law and corruption-free development. It was very soon discovered to be sheer lip-service, and the thugs of Bengal changed their fate by looting, killing, abusing and abducting.

First they tried to divide the nation into pro-liberation war and anti-liberation forces. The division theorist took a bank license along with his party-in-power uncle, who had served for the occupational Pakistani government during 1971. This theorist had been a fit young man yet didn’t take part in the liberation war.

After 52 years of independence this theory of pro- and against independence is nothing but a sword to divide and rule the nation.

On the 16th December 1971, people who hadn’t taken part in the active war proclaimed themselves as freedom-fighters. They looted the homes of innocent non-Bengalis; the cultural wing of this sixteenth division took over all the lucrative houses and lands of non-Bengalis who had nothing to do with the bloody war.

But the real freedom fighters never asked for any return, some of them didn’t even collect their certificates.

The children of those 16th division-ers were the ones who later intruded in the Shahbagh movement wearing red-green flags and makeup on their faces. This movement was about the common youth who suspected the government of ghost dancing around the war criminal trials. It was their revolt and attempt for justice for the victim families of 1971.

Center for Ruthless Intelligence (read CRI) infiltrated the Shahbagh movement with the biryani of one-party system. They tried to use the protest against the government’s showcased trial and turn it into a hub of mindless ultra-nationalism.

Thus, those who never sacrificed for the nation started claiming its ownership. Using Shahbagh’s war cry, by then sponsored by CRI, they took a walkover in the 2014 election.

After that, in the name of anti-drug operation, they started killing innocent subjects in crossfires, to create fear and produce acceptance for one-party system.

They pampered both Hindu radicals and Islamists, used religion in politics and introduced Blasphemy law in the disguise of Digital Security Act (DSA). The DSA guarded the image of their Supreme Leader as well. They converted their political party into a cult, the image of their leader became holy.

North-Korea syndrome could be seen on billboards and over statues of their development advertisements. One Party One Leader One Faith and no vote for all.

The current parliament consists of 62 percent businessmen and 38 percent dynasty heirs. ‘Bloodline of Awami League’ became a buzzword like the march of the Neo-Nazis. Their appointed foot soldiers in the public service commission were tasked to recruit Awami blood only.

2018 elections were hijacked using this Awami bloodline in the administration, while the opposition was kept away by means of the ferocious CRI operatives. Obviously they secured 100 percent vote without the participation of voters.

Those who lived in huts now lived in palaces, those who had no money now shopped in Singapore. Those who didn’t have an account now had Swiss ones and second homes abroad. The amount of money they looted and syphoned away from the country can’t be matched to the British or Pakistani colonizers.

The foreign minister recently announced that he has invited Indian interference for the reinstallation of the current government again in 2024. And the 14 US Congressmen demanding fair and free elections have been declared as enemy of the State by the state minister for foreign affairs.

In this colony of fear, people have forgotten how to vote, how to talk for their own good, where to seek justice. It’s a haunted state, party stooges roam around hunting and branding enemies. It’s a death valley of looming threats, where ism only means cannibalism.

Maskwaith Ahsan. Maskwaith Ahsan is an international journalist, educator and the author of over 14 books. His columns appear in several Bengali newspapers, magazines and websites across the globe. He also hosts his web TV show E-SouthAsia. With socio-political satire...

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