Best before today

Ballari Sen
Best before today

Use & throw 1890

And thus spoke Girindromohini
“Amidst love’s empire,you the unloved
do not spy on me” and at this point
she, a widow did away with the conjugal ties
vowed to making herself happy
scorned a funeral pyre instead.

And thus spake Girindromohini
the mother of feminine settlements
where her first fury against the norms
as if wanton cloth washed, re-washed
and thrown away

Who is she, after all?
Not Judith Butler
Muriel Rukeyser
Simone de Beauvoir!


Best before today

a) dishwasher session

Moving through last month’s google calendar
It’s neither marked,underlined or remembered
It’s neither registered by any phone apps as
I desperately browse through a series of last
Night’s prolific dinner plates left in that basin.
Hands enhance finger movements as dirt leave
Me alone.

Each morning as I take over the kitchen sink with
pungent left-overs
I feel the conundrum rising within and taking me
Nowhere,only to understand the mistakes performed.

When ,when did I have my last period,dude ?


b) A pressure cooker and the man

Lucretia is dead.She quietly tinkles cups and
Saucers,spoon and fork aside for tomorrow
A bang!Ah, the kitchen calls for a party.
Our old rubber gasket works again , cheers !

Lucretia is my granny’s nickname we used to call
Her in our naughty moods
Lucretia would shout when we pampered her with
Hazy afternoon mango pickles and steal new coins

She was our new pressure cooker at our service.
She teaches how to hang on till old machines start
To work
As if my man was with the pressure cooker
As if it’s a day off

Ballari Sen, PhD. Poet and Professor.

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