Haiku by Ashoke Tanti (Part- 5)

Ashoke Tanti
Haiku by Ashoke Tanti (Part- 5)


They put two coins on the eyes
And hot burning fire on mouth
To celebrate my non-existence.


Shadows of the cloud fade away
And white ant creep in the heart;
I wait for nothing to happen.


You are not my lover, still come in dream.
Your nail scratch vanishes as day light,
Painfully makes the surrounding gleam.


Let’s burn our bones, fleshes, lips
The dark locked up heart
In this motionless cold winter night.


I have written your name in the snow
Now, when the ice starts melting
I come to the river mouth for the bubble.


Think of the lonely cursed poet
Standing naked beside the ocean
In a freezing full moon night.


Cold eavesdropping to watch a death
Of the bodies lying in straight line –
Not the hector of Troy, but nameless.


I search living signs in your hairs
Your eyelids, nails, teeth and wrinkles
All turn grey before decomposition.


Dust covered the forgotten wedding bangle
The long faded city gold quietly moves
The heaven shifted to six by ten kitchen.


Ancient monologue named you mist
That covered the world as dream
Shadeless heart counts the calmness.


From the tangled umbilical canto
Came out the red newborn sun
As the nature cries in pain and joy.


The sun comes out for your celebration
When you feel sorrow and lonely
The night sleeps in far away horizon.


She came to me like a reliable wax candle
As she started melting and lost in the dark
Her image started burning between my eyes.


Little droplets of rain in the winter evening
Washes your face with invisible starlit water
Silhouettes wait for the otherside of the heart.


My heart, like blooming red foxglove
Trying to catch the wick of your spirit,
To burn together in a quite winter night.


Silent cleft between us like moon to earth
Where no words can bridge timid desire
Figment of the absent space blows cold wind.


Waiting with kindling fire in my heart
Cherry red wine flows through veins,
To make and unmake bloody extreme.


I think to create a new lung
To breathe first susurrus air,
During our winter migration.


I put my eager heart back in its silver chest.
It will not howl at your remote reflection.
Let it be blind, abacus of its own constellation.


I follow the mad orbit of the setting sun.
A moon behind me teases my loneliness.
Your bell tolls nothing, nothing for me.


Mannequin’s warm gage at transitory dark dew,
Looking at the canard of X-mass socks for kid.
The knife dangling dangerously, old cough too.


Even God cannot hide in this chute of sunlight.
You vanished and no smell of pepper around.
My leaden whisper cranked through silent wind.


Watching the temperature pointer
My arctic heart becomes eager
To touch your frozen face and melt.


I removed my heart, after sending extramarital poem
But as today’s moon came atop the far pine tree
Depression came out of bole to shade my shame.


Moon-beam! Don’t feel dejected in the shaft of sunshine
When the lights’ motifs descended near the ground
A footprint approaching your heart, alone in Socratic irony.


The universe is asleep; A tiny drop.
The sound collapses in a platonic dream
My in-seam melts as a frozen stream.


A bird woke up, mouth in her shadows breast;
News of distant rape in the morning mist
The culpable heart clogged, his limb drape.


Without chopping grass, let’s fight the war
Waiting in the cold like a sad evening star
Let a woman change my name forever.


The road ends at a dead wall;
Smell of rotten left over,
Like some unearth relations.


The earth is cracked in loneliness
Despising unending blue-sky days;
Rain will come down deep inside.

Ashoke Tanti. Poet, Author and Literary Critic. Loves writing short fiction and literary criticism. Have two published books - A research work 'Rarh Banglar Karkhanar Golpo: BisoyChetona O Nirman' (2006), and an Anthology of Short stories 'Jhor O Snar' (2010)...

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