HB Rita’s Poetry

HB Rita
HB Rita’s Poetry

Crime in my innocence age

Playful naughty girl I was an innocent age,
Committed many crimes in my life
But I could only get through
Because of my innocent age.
One day I jumped on the bed and fell on my father’s face
His glasses were broken
A piece of glass fell into my father’s eyes
Dad hasn’t had an eye since that time!
But I got through that day, only
Because of my innocent age.
I was four years old then.
Once I stole my mother’s expensive clothes
and gave them to the helpless woman next door
My mother said nothing
Because of my innocent age!
I was seven years old then.
Another time, I was angry with my mother and closed the door for two days.
I didn’t eat anything
Mother cried a lot but I did not open the door
There was a reason to be angry
She was late giving me food after returning from school
What a terrible thing I did that day
But I got over it too,
Because of my innocent age
I was eight years old then.
Today, none of them are survive
I remember my parents badly
All the injustices of the innocent age i did;
They hid with care.
I was not innocent that day, I was a criminal
Forgive me Mom and Dad!

The Way I Learned to Survive

This is who I am today;
Physically handicapped,
But it never annoys me.
When I get out in a wheelchair,
People look at me with sympathy
I never get upset
Instead, I think of the man living next door,
Whose two legs have been cut off.
At least, I have legs.
There may be a reason behind my
Incapacity, obstacle, fight!
If I had not been in a wheelchair today,
I would never have known that
I have the strength, the courage, and
The patience to endure pain.
I was in a coma at the time,
I had no idea of what was going on for long
Doctors said, ‘there is no chance of returning.
It was a nightmare for my family!
After three months of fighting
And one week in a coma, I had a transplant
I came back
And immediately I asked my mother,
Was I supposed to be coming back?
How did I?
Mother said, “All is Allah’s mercy.”
I begged him for your life.
I said, does Allah only listen to you?
Last year, I remembered the girl, our neighbor Passed away
Her mother prayed a lot, but the girl dies.
Allah has not heard her voice!
Why you?
Mother said,
They might go to beg for mercy,
But they do not know the way to ask
He has only revealed himself to those,
Who have faith on him as a true invisible power.
Yes! Faith
I believe today that I have been able to know myself
I know who I am
Although the world is wonderful, it isn’t easy to survive here
And when He paves the way for us,
Then the other way will be open.
I can’t walk today
But I can stand, I can write
But yesterday, I was dead in a coma.
When we can accept ourselves, life is beautiful
This is all our spiritual power. .


Fear must be overcome

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our deepest fear is that we transcend measure
We know, we are strong
Our fear is being aware of the source of our energy;
Not dark
It is our light that scares us the most.

We ask ourselves,
Who we are?
Are we powerful, talented, or someone special?
We are none of this
We are children of God.
We are born to be lighten up,
To embrace the world in a crawl;
Just like a newborn baby.
We are born to manifest the power of God.
We are afraid to be exposed
Compressed consciousness gives us reassurance
We compromised because we are afraid to ask
We die unconsciously without knowing the reason for birth.

We are afraid to glow in the dark
Because we know,
When we glow,
Without knowing we help others to glow
When we are free from our own fears,
Our presence automatically frees others.
So, there is no fear
Fear must be overcome.


Where I Was Stuck

The man went to jail in my testimony today.
Yes. The plaintiff gave me money.
From a young age, I loved to read books.
I have read on all subjects to gain knowledge,
The school-college result was good; but I failed.
All my certificates are in the cupboard file
I could not reach any specific destination
Very sad!
I have gained a lot of knowledge
Still, I am a general employee.
Did I use all my knowledge at the right time to succeed?
I don’t know.
I lied today in the financial crisis,
I put him in jail, because I need money.
I could not retain and implement my
Knowledge in practical application.
Isn’t that sad?
Despite having so much knowledge,
I failed.
I did not hesitate to deviate from my morals,
Because I always sought knowledge, not wisdom.
What a surprise!


Twenty-one days of struggling

I have fought with great feebleness for twenty-one days
Confusion, suspicion, suffocation, anxiety all were there
I did not see the sky for five hundred and four hours in a row
Did the stars burn in the dark corner of the night?
I don’t know!
There was no opportunity to understand the difference between day and night
Just waking up at night,
I would understand the sounds of the bats!

It is pitch dark outside.
For twenty-one days,
I was holding my breath in the white blanket
I heard the fear of the wind in my ears with confusion
Throwing infinite emptiness over the darkness,
I just thought
When the poetic scenes confused with incorrect grammar;
It is unreasonable to look at life at the bargaining for fish.

Twenty-one days in prison
I did not see the golden sun, the conch shells
The morning sky with hope
The night of the stars wasn’t not in the white sky
In the window, the green was dead laying on yellow
Yet in the middle of the night I saw the palms of my hands bursting and falling
The rotting bones have become a little bit of resentment every day
Sinking deeper into the water, I felt,
I did not come to give up
And then,
I recalled the God and said,
Oh god Forgive me
In the fight for survival, I declared rebellion.
I am not ready yet to surrender!


I am Alive Today

I was dead on this day last year
Numerous cuts, tubes all over the body
The tongue was sticking out to the throat.
My mother was crying, children were shocked
I was watching them carefully
What a pitiful howl they wanted to hold me
Their helpless faces suddenly woke me up
I thought, why say goodbye? Why so soon?
Then I moved with an intangible force
I told my mother, mother! Am I alive?
Mom said, yes.
I said to the children, dear! I’m alive.
Yes! Today I am alive, but was dead last year
Yesterday’s useless finger makes me write today
I earned so much energy and courage to fight!
Where did I get these?
My God? My supernatural power? I don’t know.
I just know,
That day I declared my rebellion against the messenger,
I will protect my family.
Mom said, yes.
I said to the children, dear! I’m alive
Yes! Today I am alive, to say I survived
I was dead on this day last year.
The fingers that were useless,
Today I can write on that finger.
So much courage to fight! Where did I get so much morale?
My God? My supernatural power?
I don’t know.
Just know
That day I declared my rebellion against the messenger,
I will protect the family.


She is My Mother

As far as I remember,
Who cracked the bones of her body
to give birth to me, and
threw away all her hobbies and desires as a teenager;
She is my mother.
In a responsible life who deprived
from her freedom just for me,
She is my mother.
While surviving in a joint family,
who was being hungry but fed to me her shared;
She is my mother.
Despite the neglect of her husband and others,
who kept holding the family for me,
She is my mother.
To say one’s wealth was just a kitchen,
and the freedom of rights was only free to cry;
She is my mother.
The one who stills giving me safe shelter
in her old age and tells me that I am safe and alive,
She is my mother.


She was Here

When she comes,
The essence of flowers adorned the whole room
Stopping the winds, she walks quietly room to room
The windows opened in a loud voice
She hung her hair and sit beside the window
Black long hair touches her waist
I leer her silently
When she turns back, I close my eyes
Pretend like a fool soaked in a deep sleep
Then, she comes forward to me without sound, with no feel
I feel the terrible emptiness on her face
I do not see anything else
Gradually I burn to ashes for not able to touch her
She pulls the cover on me
She hums a song
Her fingers touches clearly on my head
I tremble with shock
Breath taking terrible silence in the room
Even in the dark, I realize the feel for touching her!

Every night she comes, so I stay awake
She makes me sleep and walks room to room
In the kitchen, she moves things around
I hear the sound sharply
She comes back to my room again
With gentle walk
Essence of flowers spreads in the room, again
She tuck the silver made key chain in her waist
She folds my clothes, arrange shoes on the shoe rake
I look at her with horror
Anxiety holds me tight
With tears I hold my breath
If she listens! If she goes away!
Invisible connections with her increases mourning;
In the middle of the night, my heart cries out of the stupid life
Her face is not seen, only I can see her hair
The tears flow in the eyes and invites for a storm
And once, I lost in the memories of canvas!
In the morning, I wake up with the feel of her presence
I search her in my room
Sitting on the floor I scream out;
She is not anywhere
Dad said, my suffering is called illusion
I find her foot prints going into delusion
Yes! My mother’s footprint!

She was here
She comes every night to make me sleep
I can feel her presence but can’t touch her
Every morning I scream, I cry, get exhausted searching for her
And immediately after that I feel;
My Mother is touching me with her cold hands!



If I survive in this journey,
I will gaze at the world through;
your eyes.
Left evil,
All the best elements of the human inner will search
I will kneel in gratitude and say everything from
What you-your world gave to me;
at sunset!
If I Survive in this journey,
I will Ignore eternal combustion
Blood, sweat, not tears,
In the geometric design of an Artist
I will draw a simple picture on the chest of the sky.
All the mystery behind the button
The air will absorb in freedom.
If I survive in this journey,
I will trample on Plato’s philosophy
and write cheap poetry beyond reason
Existence is not metaphysics,
I will look at the dewy leaves in the morning mist;
The naughtiness of water particles.
If I survive in this journey,
There will be love!
Only love
You, me, will kiss our hearts
Healing wounds of the soul from complications
In the soft, gentle desert grass;
We will exchange love
Surviving this journey,
Only love will be stale.


You Better Go

I see you on the balcony in the morning
Oh no! How do you know I am here?
Are you not afraid?
If anyone sees you?
The dark fog gradually became lighter like clear water
I see you up close

That’s the same, vagrant indifference in the face
How are you?
You were supposed to be okay.
I’m well too.
Look at this!
How I let the wet clothes dry on a rope wrapped in love
Why are you standing like that?
Do you want to talk, touching my hand?
Have the courage?
You better go
I have absolutely no time
The man is lying down with love passion
I will put wet hair on his face as soon as his eyes open
Do you understand?
You are not in my memory anymore.

You said to wait for the flower to bloom,
But you forgot
Thousands of stars were waiting for you in the sky
You forgot everything!
Standing alone under the sky, what do you think today?
Tell me!
Where will the stars be today?
I don’t know; I don’t know
Are you leaving?
The dynamics of tomorrow are strict, you know?
Everything got wet in last night’s rain
Look at the group of frogs in the muddy pond
with the smell of clay
They are rejoicing
Do you have time to visit them?
Do you want to sit down?
Come close. let us recall our old memory together
Not bad!
How dry the face is
Tell me, how long have you been hungry?
Do you want to touch my hand?
Won’t there be injustice?
If anyone sees?
You better go
Colors like ignorant love, why today?
At such a wrong time?

Listen, I go now
I have a lot to be done.
The dirty plates have been lying around since night
How much work!
No breakfast yet, how much to cook
You better go back
As you go, humbly throw your breath into the air
Let the sun shines brightly.

Let the heat-burnt soil; Let it be burst
I also go back very alone!

HB Rita. Poet and Journalist.

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