Possible Equator

Runa Bandyopadhyay
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Possible Equator

Possible Equator

When you were flooded with the wonderful moonlit night, when your deep sigh for old beloved was travelling towards the moon by holding the tail of Chandrayaan[i], you couldn’t notice the uproar of Ikeya-Murakami comet. To make you conscious Nasal hubble-bubble has aired a secret warning for animals called mankind. If you couldn’t open your Nasal hole due to long breath at that moment, here the news has been broadcast once again for you.

Broken Equator is flying towards the earth

It’s a great danger if the imaginary line falls on the earth

Hold them on your finger please

Free yourself from cosmic radiation of love for sometime

Break your love-frame

Release the words which are marinated in round-potato juice

Split the pollens of nascent words

Reveal them with the transparency of Borosil[ii]

Now please sit down on a cool mat and prepare a mixture with the following ingredients:

  1. Three pieces of loneliness, born from silence
  2. A piece of remnant of Mohor’s[iii]cadence
  3. Elation of copulation in required proportion

{Blending process should always avoid happy ending like the flat love-scene of Uttam-Suchitra[iv]. It’s desirable to experiment with the death-kiss of Krishna-beloved before suicide}

When the mixture is ready

Nasa will bloom with narcissus, getting released from vacillation

In a moonlit beaker mix the glow of yourself drunken with you

Then marinate for few days

When you’ll get the taste of river, you’re ready

Then put the imaginary lines of your fingers inside the mixture

Wait for the final birdcall

When the jubilation of death rolls over betel leaves

Brahma-sound is to be tested in the noise-free ears

If melodious, make them fly one by one towards the destructive cloud

Now you have become indifferent to external position

from the geometry of flying-art

This is the prime moment

When theosophy becomes thicker in Paramhangsa[v] gesture

You will find that your Piuknaha[vi] has gained the correct speed

Now you’re flying towards the orbit of Kepler-22 for possible new Equator

[i]Chandrayaan -Indian Spaceship for moon

[ii]Borosil- name of a company making glass beaker.

[iii]Mohor – Name of a famous Bengali (Indian) lady singer of Rabindra Sangit

[iv]Uttam-Suchitra – Famous Bengali cinema pair

[v]Paramhangsa – a saint who has attained final knowledge and sanctity.

[vi]Piuknaha – cooing of hawk-cuckoo.


Runa Bandyopadhyay, a bilingual poet, essayist, translator and critiqueer in the New Poetry world of Bengal, India, a scientist by profession, but fully addicted to innovative experimental literature. As a critiqueer she invented a new genre in 'recurring poetry' and...

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