Daud Haider. Exile poet. Haider was born in 21 February 1952 at Dohar of Pabna district, Bangladesh. He is an atheist.

He is a Bangladeshi poet who was forced into exile after writing a poem that insulted religion including Islam. American Center, International PEN have described him as 'distinguished poet'.

His poem style has been described as more focused on 'feeling of the masses'. He was the literary editor of the Dainik Sambad based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He wrote a poem criticizing religion. His was physically attacked for his works. He was imprisoned by the government of Bangladesh. President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was blamed for forcing him into exile. His ancestral house was destroyed by arson and one of his relatives was killed. He moved to exile in Kolkata, India before moving to Berlin, Germany.

'The best poem of Asia' from the London-based Poetry Society award in 1973.

Photo © Ongshumali